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3 Signs it's Time for an HR Consultant

I have worked in and with many types of companies and the same thing tends to happen. Inevitably, the to do lists get longer and more urgent, and focus goes to completing tasks, bottom lines, the next deal, the next idea, etc. The focus on who makes all those things go starts to slowly take a back seat. It isn’t something to be ashamed of, it just happens. Let's face it- that hustle is necessary!

It’s true that most companies don’t hire a full time HR person until they have 100 employees. In my experience, that is way too late. You need your human resources framework early in your business to set key policies, expectations, and to start building your employment brand. People are central to the success of your company’s playbook. They are what will make or break your ability to exceed the expectations of your costumers.

Here is the other reality of being a small business owner: it isn’t always in the budget to hire a full-time person to oversee your people operations. Hiring a Contractor and/or Consultant in this key area of your business can be a cost-effective solution to make your business more proactive. Here are 3 signs that your business could use the help of Rooted HR.

Your employees aren’t sure what success looks like. Success to your employees can mean a lot of different things other than the expectations of their performance. Success for them might be knowing what maternity leave options they have or how they can request time off. It can mean knowing your mission and values and how they can use their work to live them every day. It can also mean knowing where to turn if they get sick but aren't sure how to use their benefits. If you want your employees to be successful, then set them up to feel like empowered members of your team during off hours too. I combine your feedback with best practices to get the basic expectations and policies of your business squared away.

Your business organization has gotten a little out of hand. Your employee files are kept in a filing cabinet, also on Dropbox, or maybe nowhere. Depending on who was doing the hiring at the time, every interview and onboarding experience was different. How can your employees act as a cohesive team when they didn't start on the same page? An HR contractor can not only streamline multiple areas of your business for you, but also make sure it is compliant with your local employment laws. Your business needs some agreed upon sources of truth from which you uniquely operate. From there, I will help you create and manage efficient processes to keep you and your employees moving forward together.

You’re growing quickly. Now is the time to make sure you can put your foot on the gas and go further, faster. Excellent human resources support means that your business is proactive and not reactive to the changes you will face. You will have a tailored approach to address your short- and long-term people needs. Growing means that your employee expenses are going to be rising and your compliance is going to be changing. It is my role to keep these things in mind and save you money and time so you can keep your business in growth mode with peace of mind.

The balance of my clients will never be greater than my capacity to be available to you at all times. My approach is to take your business as personal as my own. I will guide you at a pace you are comfortable with to set you up for success.

Contact me at if it’s time for you to put some attention on your people operations!

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