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Hiring Post-Pandemic

Hiring is gearing back up and top talent is looking for a re-imagined hiring experience. Many of our traditional business practices have evolved and will continue to shift coming out of the shared experience of COVID-19. How we think about work is arguably one of the most impacted areas, and there should be no expectation of going back to “business as usual.”

Candidates who are looking to fulfill roles are going to be coming from a variety of places that are important to consider. A huge number of them may have experienced being laid-off, a traumatic experience that will certainly inform how they show up in their next role. Many embraced the flexibility of not going to an office every day. Some may have used this time to decide it is time for a pivot and want to use their skills in a brand-new way. Virtual learning took off during the past year, telling us that people are motivated to up their game, thus increasing their expectations of what they do for a living.

Below are a few things that employers need to consider if they want to be competitive in the new job market.

Rethink experience requirements. You will miss out on some incredible candidates getting caught up in “3-5 years” requirements. Think creatively and embrace translatable skills from different industries. Potential jumps off of resumes in a lot of different ways. Look for people who create and develop original programs, value people and teamwork, and are great communicators. By thinking differently about experience vs. the whole person, you will gain a team that has diverse thought leadership and backgrounds. Win-win!

What do you have to offer? In an article by Harvard Business Review titled, “Reengineering the Recruitment Process,” they address what they call the “employment value proposition.”

Factors such as meaningful work and proximity to family have taken on added importance during the pandemic. The freedom (often the imperative) to work remotely and to manage one’s own schedule has increased employees’ expectations that they can exert considerable control over the design of their jobs.

Employers need to up their game with how they encourage their employees off the clock. Assess what you offer as an employer vs. competitors. Offer a thoughtful package and watch your team’s productivity soar when they feel supported as individuals.

Walk the walk. Beyond implementing updated benefits geared toward flexibility and balance, think critically about your organization's mission and how that translates in your workplace. It is no longer enough to put the mission on the wall and write commitments in internal documents. Employees are going to expect to work for an organization whos stands for their values and lives them in every interaction both internally and externally. They want inspiring leadership and to feel part of something that is creating good in the world.

What is the tone you're setting with your team and new hires? For help facilitating that conversation implementing an engaging work environment, reach out to Rooted HR!

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