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Rooted HR Services Part 1: HR Foundation Toolkit for Small Business

Many times when I start to work with a small business, they ask me where we should start. My answer to this is always with an employee handbook. Making your first hire comes with a lot of change for your business, and there are several new things to consider.

A handbook should act as your playbook for what it means to be an employee in your company. I have created over a dozen of these in my career, and there are a few key aspects to make your small business handbook successful.

  • Do not make policies to address the “one thing” that “one person” did in your company 5 years ago. Bad hires are likely going to happen at some point, but you shouldn’t assume the worst of your best hires. Create policies that assume positive intent.

  • Take the time to be clear about what your organization stands for as an employer. What are your values? How do you put those in action? Your people strategy should be clear and well-communicated in your handbook. I work with organizations on all of these topics to ensure a consistent and thoughtful employment brand.

  • Hire a professional to help. It’s my job to make sure you cover all of your bases and know which employment laws will apply to you when, and help make recommendations that are realistic to your business.

This kit also comes with a new hire filing system that includes offer letters, employment posters, and other required or helpful documents. This seems basic, but starting on the right foot from an organization and compliance perspective will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future. Companies in this stage typically don’t need to spend the resources on an HRIS. When your company gets to 15 employees and seems to be looking to grow beyond that, I will help advise on the right system to put in place for a growing team.

Best of all, further engagement includes partnering with your business for a tailored onboarding kit and process to set up your new employees for long-term success. Which means more time for you to keep your eye on growth and innovation.

Pricing varies depending on the size and status of your organization. Contact me to chat further about setting you up for success!

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